Welcome to GilbertGoods.We make stuff with natural material.
We are focusing on leatherwork for now.

Small wood goods

Walnut series

Walnut has been my favorite wood all the time. Especially, charms of dark color and grain appeal me to make something useful out of it. Here are my attempts so far.

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Small leather goods

Envelop series

The form of the envelope has not been changed for ages. That means the form of it is really optimized for put something in without room for improvement, while everything else is getting better. I am often intrigued by this type of timeless design.

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Gilbert Han

Creator, designer and maker of GilbertGoods.

If I oversimplify why I am doing this, the reason is ‘I like to make things’. I know, I know, this is a starting point. But at the end of the day, I want to create my own brand color along with meticulously cared quality products. I believe I am on my way.

I am learning new skills and techniques every day. My wallet is replaced every months as a result of my experimentations. Mine is always prototype, but product out to the world is a result of numerous fail and learn to make a perfect product.


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